David & Christa's Wedding

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Thank you to EVERYONE who helped make Christa and David's dream wedding possible.
Including, but not limited to:

Christa and David's family:

Christa's mother and father, to whom all this was possible, we love you guys,
Christa's Aunt Jan Liesenfeld, who helped all the ideas become reality,
Christa's sister's in-laws, Francis and Jerry Clark, who housed me when I worked 2 jobs, one in Galveston,
Christa's sister's in-laws, again for the beautiful cakes, and the wonderful digital pics and cd!!
David's Aunt Betty Johnson, for the beautiful flower bouquets (Our ideas, became real!!!)

All the brothers, sisters, cousins, family, and friends, who helped decorate the pavilion,
transport items to the site, and for all the support.

Christa and David's friends:

Christa's junior high friend, Sally Holl , who played beautiful flute throughout the whole wedding,
(Hopefully, a recording of the music will be available)
CJ and Donna Justice, for the perfect Alaska get-away,
Parth Rana, who sang Ava Maria, a last minute decision on a song by Christa, WTG PARTH!!!
Barbara Zapata, for the wedding video,
And, Trace Grissel, for catering all the food with set-up.

And a special thank you to all the wedding party!!! You guys ROCKED!!! Thank you for dealing with
this stressed out bride, and all the last minute changes.

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